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Fletcher Reception

De Montfort University, Leicester.


A Physical and CAD modelling brief to redesign a University Reception area.

The Design was based around an Industrial feel, liking to the history of Leicester as a heavily industrial city with strengths in lace, hoisery and shoe making.

BRADER Thomas, Presentation boards-1.jpg
BRADER Thomas, Presentation boards-3.jpg
BRADER Thomas, Presentation boards-4.jpg
BRADER Thomas, Presentation boards-2.jpg

Presentation Boards

The structure was drawn and modeled on 'Vectorworks' and 'Cinema 4D', and then the renders were manipulated on 'Photoshop'. 

Model Images

The model was built all by hand using various materials and finishes.


Filmed inside the model above, with green screen humans. The video was created in 'Adobe After Effects'

Model Making

Say Hi!

Model Making

Digital Artwork



Project Page



Sets and Props

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