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sets and props

Inside Out Festival, 2015

Curve Theatre, Leicester

Set Designer Kate Unwin created a dreamy Park for the Festival, using the space in the Theatre foyer. I helped create props, including the 'Park Gate', 'Ladders of Dreams' and a pom-pom rainbow that led the audience through the exhibition.

Elf Village, 2017

Lotherton Hall, Leeds

I received a last minute oppourtunity to design and build an Elf craft village for a Christmas experience by 'Breeze'.

I created different craft workshops and a storytelling room, which includes flying books and a warmly lit 'Fireside Fiction' feel.

I also created a

'Fairy Door Decorating' workshop, which includes tree-stump stools, giant mushrooms, insects and animals. 

Inside the workshop named 'Tinkering with Tealights' I created giant paintbrushes and pots along an old 'Elf Worktable.

'Create-a-Plate for Santa' has the feel of a kitchen table at Christmas, with Welsh dressers and a large circular table for children to share ideas.

The rented catering van had to go back in mint condition, so I clad the outside with old scaffold boards which is removable after the event closes, to soften the harsh white exterior.

This is a board game which my friend created in his Graphic Design degree, with a concept in mind but no idea how to bring it to fruition, I worked very closely with him, creating the game physics and concept aesthetics. The game fights Eco vs Ego in a fight to preserve or destroy the rain-forest.

For the concept and logistical planning we utilised my 'Creative Block' which you can see 

AnimaMundi, 2015

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Sets and Props

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